“Love or Self?”


Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
I used to love somebody
But now she has someone new

I gave her all my Heart
And even gave up my pride
I loved her with all my might
yet she destroyed my life

I thought she really loved me
But she actually toyed me
She loved someone else
And he was my worst enemy
Giving myself a chance
I met another one
Pushing myself too far
I fell once again too hard

Remembering the happiness I felt
I could say it was surreal
because I myself could tell
that my heart was temporarily fulfilled

For the third time I loved
I actually thought it was not gonna be stopped
But then I was slapped by reality
and was almost driven to insanity
That day my heart was full with cracks
Then inevitably it became pitch black
Everyday, becoming Depressed
Slowly, becoming Heartless

Now even though years may pass
This is indeed my real past
Without being given a chance
I was turned into an empty husk
And that day I went home alone riding a bus
Because I swore that it would be the last.

Now this is the  question I ask
If we just accepted all that what happened as facts
Won't we just break like a glass?
Love or self, for me is the ultimate question of all
For you to not fail as I do
Go with determination so that you won't fall


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