Everyday we struggle with an unseen force that seem to keep ahold of us. In front us are a palette of colors, the deeper we go the darker it becomes.

As days seem to go and pass by, a forecast seems to be delivered while you look at the murky clouds. It seems to sneer “Can you do it?”

Understanding those thoughts, realizing those intentions, you hear a heartbeat thumping faster, as your soul cries for help the world instead returns with an eerie silence.

Can you hear it? It resounds throughout the night, the crying voice you keep, the pure noble emotions you hid.

Even now it’s too late to be bitten by a surprise attack, all this time you’re dashing while trying to fight. LOOK UP! And hear your own soul say “I will do it”

Behind our own eyelids. We saw their smile, giving us the determination to pierce away the empty sky and give us wings to fly.

That is why what are you doing being lost now? -You are your own self. This single ray will break a spell.

Realize it already, no one has ever brought you this, unless you bring it to yourself, a way to break the spell that locks you away before anything and anyone else.

-I am me

Trust your own and this words. Break the spell that binds you and your reality.

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