The Truth behind every Mask and the Lies behind every Face

Reality is cruel, to be exact I would say cruelly sadistic. No matter how much you pray for something bad not to happen, there is a 90% chance it will happen, it depends on how lucky you are but most of all, on how dumb your choices in life you will make. That is why for some people to pass this adversaries some have to choose an ultimatum.

— To live their whole life as an idiotic scapegoat. Always being used upon by others and thrown away if unneeded?

— Live your whole life as a fake trying to fit in the society where being slightly different is not just weird but also a sin

To be clear sometimes this isn’t an ultimatum at all. It is a curse which people call “Normal”. On what basis can you say someone is right? By the judgement of the society. On what basis can you say someone is not fit in the so called society? By the judgement of the people on the ancient times who we’re either smart enough to be called genius or dumb enough to be called wise men, either way it’s because of this “Standards” that some people who has the capacity to think above or below a normal one.

Why would you wear something as silly and petty like a mask? A ridiculous question, because if you don’t then you would normally become an outcast, abandoned by people, not accepted by anyone, being denied by the society and above all no one would be able to survive in this crazy lunatic world where everything is either killing you or about to try to kill you. Sorry to say but no one is safe in the face of reality. How about kids? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Go to the nearest daycare in your place, only to find a something looming at the dark side corner of the room. How about the elderly? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Hilarious! Just look at the every goddamn old man being left behind the streets and abandoned by their family at some foundation they can find.

Thinking about it, I could say that I am rotten for laughing about something like that. But to be honest I don’t give a single care, because one thing I learned is that “Only the strong are able to give pity to the weak, only the rich can give benevolence to the poor, only the living can mourn to the dead.” Don’t act like a saint if you’re just a goddamn beggar who can’t even feed yourself, much like the difference between courage and recklessness. Understand that you cannot nor will be able to save anybody without saving yourself first.

“Those who are willing to rise are willing to sacrifice, those who are willing to always stay true are also willing to die early too.” a simple and random quote that I made but a rather rational one I must say. A rational due to it having many facts backing it up, you see being always kind is dangerous not just because it will become a poison that will bind you but also of the possibility of being used, being betrayed, being ripped-off.

Not all who wears a mask is a bad person, Not all who has a mask wear it for the same reason and not all who has the same reason wear the same mask.

⎯⎯⎯ I saw a girl sitting infront of me with a mask of being happy and energetic despite the hardships of a broken family.

⎯⎯⎯ I saw a guy who is sitting beside me with a mask of a joking pierrot despite the fact that it wasn’t really his personality.

⎯⎯⎯ I saw a girl who is sitting across me with a mask of calm and coolness despite the fact that she is a lonely girl who is somewhat pressured by her family.

I saw many kinds of mask , all though wearing a mask makes you feel protected, it is at the same time a path to ruin. Why? Simply wearing one isn’t a problem but the moment it felt right and comfortable you would then be wearing it always and that is the problem, having it always in your face until the moment you realize you cannot remember what you used to look. It would then transcend into a curse, a curse you cannot easily lift off.

To wear a fake mask you must lie to yourself. The more and longer you lie about something, the bigger the chance it will became the truth. The moment you try to say the actual truth it becomes a lie.

We lie for us to hide. The weakness that we hold inside, sometimes the fear of being left behind. Making us see the face of a good daughter, the face of a happy son, the face of a carefree child.

But the real question here is, who are you really are? Is that you’re true face or just a hollow mask? “Know Thyself” being lost after starting your story isn’t anyone’s fault but yours. If you want to help others, you must first help yourself.

One thing I noticed in every adventure story I’ve read is ” The Hero is the one who always saves everybody but the moment he defeats the Demon lord, who saves him from the cold hard truth called Reality?”

Accept the fact that not every important people in your life will stay in the end and not everyone who stay with you in the end is an important person to you. In the end of the day the only person who is always there is yourself, think about it does every fleeting smile around you last? Does the happiness you felt with your circle of friends still linger in your heart the moment you go to bed or the next day?

⎯⎯⎯ A Mask is something you wear but not something you live with.

Don’t lose your way, life won’t wait for someone who can’t accept a punch or two.

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